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NHS Scholastic Writing competition winners

Several Newton High School student writers placed in the Scholastic Writing competition.

Teacher Kynda Faythe says, "Students from the creative writing class entered the competition. This competition has been in existence for 100 years and has the 'best of the best' in its alumni. Some authors and poets who have hailed from this competition include Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Amanda Gorman, Truman Capote, Sylvia Plath, and Ken Burns among others. This year's entries were over 260,000 and only the top 5-9% of writers were chosen. All entries are first considered regionally for Gold Keys, Silver Keys, and Honorable Mention. These awards highlight the authors' originality, skill, and emergence of personal voice. All Gold Key awards are automatically considered for the National American Voices Award and are considered for scholarship awards. One nominee from each region will be selected to receive a National American Voices Medal. In March, national medalists and their teachers are then honored with a ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Recent special guests at this ceremony include Oprah Winfrey, Alex Baldwin, Kelly Clarkson, Tina Fey, and Rose Byrne."

Be sure to congratulate these amazing writers!

Gold Key - Asher Hamill: Death's Field flash fiction

Silver Key - Keaghan Carr: Ceramic Stardust - poetry

Silver Key - Connor Reed: Cold- novel

Honorable Mention - Gale Schneider: Luck of an Unsightly Dog - poetry

Honorable Mention - Jessi Bailey: You've Stolen the Star We Call 'Sol' - poetry

Honorable Mention - Peyton Doherty: Senior Writing Portfolio - poetry & short story

Honorable Mention - Jaymie Turner: How Many More Funerals? - personal essay/memoir