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First page of the PDF file: LEADParentLetterPrompts-NHS1
LEAD (Mirror, Inc.) information for parents/guardians

Newton High School has partnered with Mirror, Inc. to host an immersive youth leadership experience for students called LEAD. Each teacher at NHS was asked to identify three students that they see as positive leaders within the school. Your child was identified as one of those student leaders. Through LEAD, your child will be challenged to connect with their peers, learn about themselves, and work with other students to create a plan to impact the school or community in a positive way.

Through Mirror, Inc.’s facilitation, your student will be encouraged to be vulnerable by writing and sharing their thoughts in a public space via questions on large display whiteboards. Below is the full list of questions that students will be asked. It will be stressed with participants that answers on the boards should only be shared within the comfort level of the student. Other students and school staff will be able to see the answers, but unless they see them writing, will not be able to tie the answer to a specific student.

Students will gain a better understanding of the needs around them and how they can take the lead in filling those needs in their school and community. After the event, the overall answers will be compiled by Mirror, Inc. into anonymous data to be shared with the school district administration to inform them on the needs and focuses of their students.

Mirror, Inc. will also have a videographer present to create a short video of the event for use in company marketing of the event.

Share a failure you’ve experienced or something difficult you’ve gone through. What did you learn about that experience?
How can a grit mindset help you reach your goals?

Who are your best friends?
Why are they your best friends?
Mark on a scale from nothing to literally everything, how much do your friends know about who you are?
What do you like to do with your friends?

Share Gen Z lingo (term and definition)
Share your favorite Gen Z trends, movies, celebrities, shows, etc.
What do you want Gen Z to be known for?
What can other generations learn from Gen Z?

What is good about social media?
What is not so good about social media?
Write your favorite positive accounts to follow.
How many hours per day do you spend on these social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok?
How comfortable are you with the amount of time you spend on social media?

Put a tally next to how much sleep you normally get each night
What factors prevent you from getting enough sleep?
How much caffeine do you consume on a typical day? (provided with a list of typical
caffeinated beverages with the amount of caffeine in them)
On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your relationship with caffeine?

I typically eat breakfast: for sure/nah
Is eating healthy easy or hard? Why?
True/False: I enjoy being active
What do you do to stay active?

Draw out your community and mark: schools, parks, businesses, landmarks, hangouts,
neighborhoods, and places needing to be cleaned up or prone to negative behaviors.
What do you love about your community?
What is important to your community?
What is missing in your community?

What are your stressors?
What is your brain’s first response to stress?
What can you do in the moment to reduce your stress response?

What does your family like to do together?
Share something you wish your parents or family knew about you.
What is your role in your family?
What family member are you closest to and why?

Think about alcohol, marijuana, vaping, and other drug use. What are the consequences of
using on...
Relationships with family/friends
People who look up to you
What is your number one reason not to use?

What are you grateful for? (activity) On sticky notes, write the friends, adults,
accomplishments, hobbies or activities, and things you are most grateful for. Stick them on the
How have these people or things impacted your life?

How would you describe your school’s culture?
What’s missing in your school’s culture?
Why is the school culture like that?
Who is creating a positive culture in your school?

Identify topics that you and others may be interested in. Write your name on the lines of any
topic you like (hobbies, interests, conversation topics, etc.)
Hand write a letter to someone (activity)
Who did you write a letter to and why?

Draw a picture of how you’ve been feeling this week.
Who helps you when you’re struggling
What does good mental health look like for you?
What are some tools that you have to help you bounce back?

Write your greatest strength.
How can you use your strengths to help others?
What color strength are you? (activity) Read and choose a color based on your strengths and
choose a wrist band with the corresponding color:
Red – LOYALIST – loyal, responsible, prepared
Orange – INDIVIDUALIST – creative, individualistic, introspective
Yellow – PEACEMAKER – easy going, supporting, accommodating
Green – PERFECTIONIST – intentional, detail-oriented, rational
Teal – CHALLENGER – self-confident, action-oriented, bold
Blue – ENTHUSIAST – extroverted, optimistic, fun-loving
Purple – INVESTIGATOR – curious, deep thinking, rational
Silver – ACHIEVER – motivated, ambitious, success-driven
Pink – HELPER – others-focused, positive, people-pleasing
Which one did you choose and why?

What advice would you give to your 8 year old self?
Who is your biggest role model? Why do you look up to them?
What does your influence look like?
Now or later, what lasting impact do you want to have on the world around you?

What is one way you want to grow in the next year?
How can you impact your family in a positive way?
What positive influence can you have on your friends?
What about your school needs your impact?
How can you change your community for the better?